M-C Hill | Celine 2021 –– 2022
art direction by tony helal
August 27, 2021

Our very own fashion critic M-C Hill takes over the SHOWstudio Instagram account from the last week of August into the beginning of September. Hill's takeover reviews a specific men's fashion moment by paying tribute to the electricity of youth, chivalry and 'being extra,' by using various parts of the SHOWstudio archive.

Interactive in form, Hill narrates each day through various voice notes that include ample rambles and commentary in abundance, subsequently saying a lot without saying anything. It's an abstract, roundabout way to examine fashion using multimedia and memories to celebrate a certain explosion. We'll leave the mystery for you to solve.

M-C Hill’s voicecall to Tony Helal

secretly recorded and used material

day 1
day 2
day 3
day 4
day 5
day 6

art direction

tony helal

graphic design

mae sass