SHOWstudio Instagram Takeover | @ideapdf

invited by Nick Knight
August 8, 2020

Nick Knight: “Instagram pages I love. @ideapdf is always a real treat. Beautifully curated and I regularly discover brilliant photographers that I have never seen before. Such a joy. I would definetly recommend you following @ideapdf. I should also mention that Anthony [Tony Helal] whose page it is works at SHOWstudio. When he joined us I had no idea what wonderful good taste he has in photography.”

September 1, 2020

Tony Helal, curator of Instagram account @ideapdf, takes over the SHOWstudio Instagram account for the first week of September 2020. Exploring ambiguity, he explores the idea of walking through nature through a story with multiple interpretations, then pivots to the way we consume media and how the media consumes us in return.

Drawing together multiple references from Belgian photographer Harry Gruyaert's abstracted pictures of the Munich 1972 Olympic Games, to Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota's greyscale nudes, Helal's @ideapdf takeover is another perspective on how to understand the world.

In 2021, @ideapdf's Instagram handle changed to @idealocus. 

CT scan of Tony Helal

used material to announce takeover

September 2, 2020

For the first day of the @ideapdf SHOWstudio Instagram takeover, curator Tony Helal saw a walk through nature via a wide span of international photography, film, art and music. Ghostly nudes appear amongst tree trunks, lens flares distort the banks of streams and untouched undergrowth.
Paul Wunderlich
Daisuke Yokota
Harley Weir

Malgorzata Stankiewicz

Laura D’gnelli
September 3, 2020

On the second day of the @ideapdf SHOWstudio Instagram takeover, a mix of inverse colours and grainy glitches appeared to give a window onto our media consumption habits. Screens and cameras are tools of power: both are simultaneously a way to control others, and a way that we are controlled in return.

Thoma Sauvin

Guy Bourdin
Harry Gruyaert
A Series of Unfortunate Events
Pawel Jaszczuk
Ernst Caramelle
Daisuke Yokota
September 3, 2020

The third day of the @ideapdf Instagram takeover is all about the female form. The works brought together here by Tony Helal push the portrayal of women's bodies from flesh-and-blood verité to cool, transcendental abstraction. Art works in this day's curation span photography, self-documentation, sculpture and collage.
Nils Gabrielsson
Paul Wunderlich

Julie van der Vaart

Robert Heinecken
Thomas Ruff
September 8, 2020

Over the past week, Tony Helal, curator of @ideapdf has taken over the SHOWstudio Instagram. In his curation, Helal explored ambiguity via myriad photographic references, documenting distinct emotional atmospheres and the human body in claustrophobic and distorted scans to digitally manipulated images.

Drawing together disparate strands, such as Kurosh Torkmorad's @thefallenproject, an ongoing body of work where the director Torkmorad captures a feeling of his lowest of lows through mixed media, clothing and visual arts, to Japanese photographer Daisuke Yokota's greyscale nudes and experimental photography and Robert Heinecken's humorous and provocative work, made by re-processing pages from magazines and inserting sexual or pornographic images, the takeover also explored a mix of inverse colours and grainy glitches. Giving a window onto our media consumption habits, these were juxtaposed by textures in nature, fungus and particles seen under a microscope.

Save My Mind
The Fallen Project
Daisuke Yokota

Daisuke Yokota